Person in charge
January 16, 2017
Display of the priority R&D needs for the sponsors and opening of the call for projects of the session 2017/2018
If you want to attend the opening session and have BtoB with the SPONSORS please register on
Organized by CITEPH at the auditorium of Maison de la Mecanique - 45 avenue Louis Blanc, 92038 Paris La Défense, France.
Display by each sponsor and meetings
January 16 to March 17, 2017
Interact with the Sponsors to evaluate the fit of your proposal with their needs.

Register your Project proposals and Company description on
Project leader -
Acknowledgement of receipt by CITEPH Management
End of April
Evaluation working groups organization.
The projects presentations are organised from end of April, Room 28, Maison de la Mécanique, 45 rue Louis Blanc, 92038 Paris la Défense.
CITEPH's team
April 2017
Project's Evaluation Commission and Committee Board of directors.
Preliminary funding proposals by the sponsors and discussion -
Reporting by the CITEPH's Director
September 2017
Committee board and information to the project's leaders of the decision about their project.
Final funding decisions by the sponsors on the R&D projects -
Reporting by the CITEP's Director

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