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Main themes
R&D needs
Summary of the Sponsors needs, January 16th, 2017.
Integrity and supervision of facilities in deep-sea
Automation and robotics offshore (USV and AUV)
Behavior of materials in extreme conditions
Data processing. Underwater communication network
Measurement and reduction of noise impact of subsea processing
Subsea Energy storage
Christophe BOUCHET
Behavior of the floating structures
Engineering of subsea systems
Remote operations
All subsea processes
Enhancing production of mature assets, monitoring
Improve water management
Unlocking unconventional ressources
Offshore LNG
Well integrity throughout the well life
New developments in weld technology

Yves Muller
Oil or gas pollution offshore
Near-shore projects and offshore specific works
Pipeline inspection, maintenance, welding
LNG & cryogenic gas
Improve drilling services
Underground gas storage
Franck ROGEZ

As a leading enginerering company in containment systems for the shipping and storage in cryogenic conditions of LNG (liquefied natural gas), GTT offers engineering, consultancy, training, maintenance support and technical design services. Approved by leading classification societies, its technologies are underpinned by a substantial return of experience over many decades.

The GTT Innovation strategy is designed to respond to the operational efficiency and safety expectations of its customers in full compliance with developments in international maritime regulations and legislation. To fulfill those expectations, the company runs its own test laboratory and is actively involved in research via its partnerships with engineering companies, research institutes, laboratories and universities.

In order to meet the requirements of the industry, GTT is continually working on new LNG containment technologies, as well as on solutions for use with other liquefied gases. Thanks to the expertise of its engineering teams, the company continues to expand its offer with bespoke technologies and engineering solutions for the offshore industry, multi-gas carriers, and small and midsize carriers. GTT also offers new applications for the growing market for LNG as a propulsion fuel. As part of its commitment to working closely with customers to provide support and assistance, GTT is also constantly expanding its range of high-added-value services.
Coordinateur Dynamique d’Innovation
Tel: +33 130 234 255
Fax: +33 130 234 700
Basin modelling
Reservoir characterization
Enhanced recovery
Water management
offshore production lines
Gas treatment, CO2 storage

Subsea production lines and processes
LNG floating structures
New frontiers : Arctic
Equipments resistant in high pressure & temperature (HP/HT)
Ultra deep offshore 4000m

Stéphanie ABRAND

Reservoir characterization and production
HP/HT related technologies, nano technologie, cement & additives
New materials HP/HT resistant
Sensors and electronics,
Technologies for Arctic zone(-40°C)
Seabed to surface
Risers and flowlines for deep offshore
Engineering capabilities
hydrodynamics better understanding and simulation
Offshore inspection, maintenance and repair
New materials qualification/use
operability improvement

Olivier LODEHO

Integrity management of subsea assets
Smart pipelines and subsea equipments
Innovative subsea architectures
Ultra deep reserves towards 4000m
Difficult fluids IOR, improved transport of fluids
Virginie LEHNING

Jean-François DUROCH
We offer and develop natural gas transport and storage solutions for the European market, abiding by the principles of sustainable development, guaranteeing reliability and safety to meet the highest standards in the industry:

by adapting to changes in French and European regulations,
by guaranteeing reliability and safety to meet the highest standards in the industry,
by ensuring the development of gas infrastructure to the satisfaction of current and future customers,
by helping to ensure the security of European supplies.
Cécile Boesinger
Responsable Recherche & Innovation
Committed to better energy
High performance exploration technologies
Produce more and better
Produce non conventional hydrocarbons
Develop new technologies for frontier areas
In respect of the Environment & Safety


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