Produce more and better

Fields of application Technical domains
Integrated geomodelling softwares suite
Reservoir simulator large models, complex physics
Fluids analysis complex fluids
IOR - EOR chemicals polymers for EOR in deep offshore conditions, increase recovery factor, improve modelling tools, CO2 treatment/injection 
Sour gas processing acid gas, H2S,CO2 
Managing flow assurance issues electrical heating with high yield, ultra deep offshore, satellite fields, tie-backs
Well integrity, extended reach drilling monitoring throughout the well life, down hole blow-out prevention, reliability and safe design of engineered structures, improved drilling services, detection of anomalies
Field monitoring  improve monitoring tools in all kinds of environments (onshore, offshore, difficult access, under insulation...)
Maintenance of equipment antis-scale, anti-fouling, anti corrosion, corrosion modelling, specific tools for inspection and failure detection
Underground storage management and monitoring CO2,H2, LNG,compressed air


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