Developing new technologies for frontier areas - Engineering offshore

Fields of application Technical domains
Behavior of floating structures, remote operations, autonomy   hydrodynamics calculation and anchorage in shallow depth, optimization of sizings, better operability
High pressure/high temperature micro & nano sensors, autonomous remote sensors, electric magnetic sensors, flow, salinity, viscosity & density sensors, waterproofness, connectors, connection, actuateurs, cement and additives
Extreme conditions Artic zone, Oceans (ice, deep sea currents..)
Deep Offshore up to 4000 m exploration, induced fatigue on flexible risers  
Floating LNG engineering LNG behavior, flow characteristics during transfer, simulation tools, offshore operational procedures
Materials smart, self healing materials, new membranes, coatings, techniques of qualification, new soldering welding technologies developments  
Information and communication technologies robotics, autonomous, man/machine interface, data mining, knowledge management, image/signal processing, visualization
Physico-Chemistry improved thermodynamics, chemical processes in reservoirs or on the surface
Physical & analytical measurement micro and nano sensors, high throughput analysis
Remoteness offshore autonomous subsea factory, submarine innovative architectures
Remoteness onshore fully remotely operated operations


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